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Polish Express: Which services does it offer?

The use of Polish Express assures to the final customer 4 value added bonus:

polish "Polish" effect
for the utmost protection

the treatment cleans first the bodywork and then it seals the opened pores, protecting the bodywork through time!
polish "Mirror" effect
for the utmost brilliance

a brightness comparable to a professional treatment carried out in a body shop
polish "Silk" effect
for the utmost satisfaction

an invaluable characteristic, easily verifiable by the final customer, that can allow the application of the formula "satisfied or reimbursed"!
polish "Liquid windscreen" effect
for the utmost safety

thanks to the nano-polymers of its formula, water slides away from the wind-screen assuring a full visibility also in adverse weather conditions!

Thanks to "Polish Express" you will increase the satisfaction and loyalty rate of your customers, distinguishing yourself considerably from competitors!